Academic Opportunities

KMS Academic Opportunities


This is a tutoring time for students to get extra help in certain subjects. Students that need extra help in a class may also visit their teachers to receive clarification on specified days. Additionally, Advisory is a time for students in organizations or clubs to meet throughout the year.

Ketchup Class

Ketchup Class is offered during Advisory. This class is for students that have been absent for a test or quiz and need a place to make it up.

Student Academic Center (SAC)

SAC is a quiet learning environment located in the 300 building. Students may be called in for extra small group/one-on-one tutoring according to their intervention tier.

Learning Lab

This is another quiet learning environment that students may visit throughout the day. The small-group setting of the Learning Lab allows students to work together to accomplish their tasks. The Learning Lab is located in the mall of the 100 building.

Homework Lunch

HWL is utilized by students that are missing assignments. Rather than take a zero, students may finish their work while they eat!

Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live is an opportunity for students to get one-on-one help, finish homework, and get caught up. Friday Night Live will be offered periodically throughout the year from 4pm-8pm on Friday nights.


Most teachers offer one-on-one tutoring before or after school for any child that needs it.  Contact your teacher for more details.


This is a academic opportunity for students to finish large amounts of work, take missed tests and quizzes, and receive tutoring. Certified teachers are on hand every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to help you from 4-6pm.